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How does one come up with an idea like this? Well, it all began when we started really thinking about our future and how much we had enjoyed traveling when we were first married. We just weren't finding the time to plan and take trips anymore. When our pals Hannah & Adam decided to embark on a trip around the world, it inspired us to do the same. As much as we would love to take an entire year or two to travel, like they did, we still wanted to come 'home' to good ole' Wisconsin during the more temperate weather months. So we decided to take off during our slow season of Spottswood Photography. This allows us to still work with our fabulous family of clients and visit with our cherished friends/family. So our idea to travel the world in stages was what seemed to be the best plan for us. With the help of Hannah & Adam's travel blog Getting Stamped, as well as BOOTSnALL travel planner, we were on our way...

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