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Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

My Mom is is the best! She booked a special family excursion via helicopter to see the Grand Canyon. This venture was one of the hghlights of our trip. Seeing the Grand Canyon from such a vantage point was more than amazing. Of course, our first time in a helicopter was an experience unto itself, but seeing the granduer of the canyon was icing on the proverbial cake. As we passed over the South rim of the canyon our eyes widen, hearts quickened, and the sense of wonderment grew tenfold. There is really no other way to see the important features of the canyon other than by chopper. Sharing the moment with the people most dear to us in the granduer of the canyon can only be described as a spiritual experince. Millions of years of formation before our very eyes coupled with the impermanence of our lives gives an incredible perspective on who we are, our place in this universe, and what our future holds. Our pilot was phenomenal and knowledgeble beyond belief. Any and all questions, whether poignant or pointless, were answered with the same enthusiasm. And with the name 'Maverick' Helicopters, it was only appropriate that the onboard music reflect the classic music associated with "Top Gun." Danger Zone indeed! Our images pale in comparison to the granduer experienced during this excursion. A simple "Thankyou" will never suffice for such an experience. Thankyou Mom for a memory that trancends a lifetime.


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