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Steve's Say: Grand Canyon: A Rambling

I’m drawn to this place. A primal attraction bordering on obscene. I stop and reflect as to why. It’s not the rock or amazing formations created by the wear of water and wind over the course of millions and millions of years. It’s the void. The lack of. The wonderment of an emptiness that fills the space between the canyon walls. A what was of the past married to the what will never be of the future. I gaze across the nothing to the other side. A side of rock and sediment. It’s tangible, visible, and physical. A prison holding back the intangible. Nothingness giving way to the something. This emptiness creates the living rock I think I came to see. I’ve been duped. The wool pulled over my eyes. The significance of this place, what makes it “Grand” is indeed the nothingness dwelling within the boundaries of rock. The void becomes tangible. The nothing, something. There is a peace beyond peace within. It’s in this nothing where I find my meaning of the canyon. The North, South, East, and West Rim merely serve the void. To help contain it for others to see and behold its wonderment. It’s what I’ve come to admire. The nothing. The space between. In a society possessed with the acquisition of things tangible and physical, this emptiness, this lack of, is what truly impresses and draws me in. The rock merely serves a function to help us all see the void. Nature’s meaning within the space of non-meaning. It’s so Zen I can't contain it all. Thankfully I have the emptiness of a canyon so grand to help me.


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