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Landing in Langogan, Philippines

The air was sticky and the road treacherous as we headed to our first stop in Palawan. Because we booked our resort online we had no idea of its exact location or the sleepy fishing village is was situated in. We would soon discover the town of Langogan and all the excitement and wonders to discover. After a two hour ride via private van jammed packed with fellow travelers heading to El Nido (we would come to learn private vans are extremely overpriced and will take longer to arrive due to the drivers wanting to maximize their piso per person ratio) we arrived at a dirt road that led us to the Mangrove Resort. I will never forget that feeling when Steve said, "This way" as he transformed our Ospery convertible rolling pack into a backpack and marched off. My inner diva screamed, "Are you serious?" The road seemed as if it headed nowhere but little did I know, the path would be the beginning of a lifetime of memories. As we treaded the road to our 'resort,' locals greeted us with warm smiles and cautious curiosity from their storefronts and tricyles. Once we arrived at the Mangorve Resort we couldn't help but notice the exhaustive feline presence. What we would soon find out was that many cats = NO snakes or other vermin. Definitely a bonus:) The river the Mangrove Resort lies on, the Langogan River, is incredible and leads directly to the ocean. Because the 'Bataks' of Langogan are fishermen and have been for centuries we decided to book a fishing trip to catch one of the dietary staples of the region - flying fish. Our trip was complete with rough waters and a delicious shore lunch on the beach prepared by the crew. It was a stay we will never forget with friends we made for a lifetime.

Met these two fellow travelers and love birds at the Mangrove Resort. Julia & Daniel are from France, but currently live in Montreal. They will be forever in our hearts. We met up with them again later in Port Barton!

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