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Stopping in San Vincente, Palawan, Philippines

It was tearful having to say goodbye to Langogan. But, our adventure had to continue elsewhere. Our next stop, or rather "layover" due to availability of a hotel we wanted to stay at, was the sleepy town of San Vincente where we would spend the night and catch a quick ferry ride to Port Barton first thing the next morning. Originally our plans were to visit the famous El Nido four hours away from our stay in Langogan but were told it was extremely over run by tourists at the time. A fellow traveler we met at the Mangrove Resort informed us of a secluded, very chill beach town by the name of Port Barton. So, we opted for that. Our stay in San Vincente, though short, was memorable. We had a chance to visit the longest beach in the Philippines (so we were told) aptly named Long Beach. We also had a chance to visit the town square and market for dinner. The taste of a grilled mackerel, head, tail, and innards all was amazing and a great experience. Though our accomodations were slightly sub-par, it was one night and bearable. The next day we embarked for Port Barton on what may have been the most memorable forms of transportation we've taken thus far in the Philippines. I love the closing shot of Steven and the captain.

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