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Bamboo Bridge - Bohol, Philippines

Another feature that traverses the Loboc River is the old bamboo bridge. We’re not sure who built the bridge or how old it is, but it has become a tourist spot over the years. There is a small toll to cross the bridge - no it’s not collected by a troll - and return on its twin to get back to your tour bus or car. The bridge was fun to walk on and reenact the famous scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where Indiana cuts the bridge ropes with his machete. As short round would say, “You crazy Dr. Jones!” Since we were conquering fear after fear on our day of our Bohol expedition, we decided to pay the Python Farm a visit. Other than heights, a fear of snakes is the other phobia Sarah holds. Walking into the farm, every stick or vine remotely resembling our legless friends had Sarah shaking. At the python farm there really aren’t too many pythons. However, what the farm lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. We had the chance to not only see one of the largest snakes I’ve ever seen, but also to sit near it and hold it for a picture. It was massive to say the least. The snake weighed over 200 kilos and measured almost 7 meters in length. Though Sarah came into the room it inhabited to take a picture of me, she refused to actually touch or hold the snake. The fact that she made it that far is progress and is enough to stop me from writing Dr. Phil for help.

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