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Zipline Over Loboc River - Bohol, Philippines

Walking through Alona Beach every tour guide tries to catch your eye and sell you what they claim is their distinct tour. FYI, they’re all the same. One of the main selling points is the zip-line you can take over the Loboc River. The line is roughly 100 meters above the river and ravine and over 500 meters long. Once you’re over to the other side you have to zip-line it back to the other - a verifiable two for one deal if you will. I was extremely excited to do this part of our Bohol tour, Sarah not so much. She has an incredible fear of heights which prevents her from even being high up on a ladder. Needless to say her reluctance was palpable. However, as part of our trip we’re trying to overcome fears and apprehensions we have without regard to what they may be. As we climbed the steps to the first launch point she was shaking from head to toe as tears streamed down her face. Of course the line attendants were extremely concerned but Sarah pressed on with her plan. Determination conquered fear and in no time she was sailing above the river screaming in excitement. The ride back wasn’t nearly as dramatic. She enjoyed it more and begged to go again - not really, though I did. I’m so proud of my wife for tackling her fear head on. I love you Sarah and am very proud of you for sharing this experience with me.

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