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Dumagette Springs - Panglao Island, Philippines

From the island of Bohol we traveled via fast ferry to the city of Dumaguette on the island of Negros. The isalnd of Negros is divided into two parts - Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental. The names date back to the Spanish conquest of the Philippines. Negros Occidental was where the Spanish landed. However, due to the great mountain range dividing the island, they were unable to cross to the other side to complete their conquest. This side that remained out of the hands of the Spanish was deemed the 'oriental' side, hence the name Negros Oriental. While in Dumagutte we stayed at a wonderful beachfront resort by the name of Dumaguette Springs. Here we caught up on some work and relaxed a bit before we made our way to Sipalay on the Occidental side of Negros. From beaches covered in black volcanic sand, to relaxing poolside during our breaks from work, we thoroughly enjoyed our short stay at Dumaguette Springs. At night the crashing of waves were our lullabye. In the morning the sunrise and the crow of local roosters awoke and bode us not to waste the day ahead. We also discovered a wonderful restobar (local verbiage for resturaunt and bar) that served some of the best food we've experienced in the Philippines (more on that later).

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