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Steve Says: Dumaguette Springs Resort Review

Dumaguete Springs Beach Resort in Dumaguete - 8 out of 10

After our stay in Bohol we made our way to the island of Negros. Since the resort we hoped to stay at was not available until a later date, we booked two nights at the Dumaguette Springs Beach Resort just south of the city of Dumaguette. The beach front resort is set off the main road that circumvents the entire island. From the port, since we arrived in Dumaguette via ferry, it was a good 20 minute ride on a tricycle. The driver had no problem finding the resort. We were very impressed with our first look at the resort. A medium sized pool surround by lounge chairs and bordered by the main house, restaurant, and bar welcomed us in. At the reception we encountered a slight problem. Apparently, there was an issue of the central office forwarding over our reservation confirmation from This was our second time with an issue of a resort not having our booking confirmation on hand from a travel website. We waited for the a resolution while the staff tried to figure out the issue. We were told we would be given a room that night and would have to change the next day due to other booking issues. The room we had booked was not available, however to our delight we were placed in a large beach front cottage complete with it’s own porch with a perfect view of the beach and the island of Siquijor in the distance. The beach cottage was very nicely constructed and resembled a traditional nipa hut. After settling in we decided to take a quick stroll along the beach. Though not the best for swimming or even sun bathing the beach is picturesque with it’s volcanic black sand and clear waters. Since we booked our two nights to primarily catch up on more or our work, this wasn't an issue. The pool the resort had was a definite plus. While working hours on end on the laptop at the resort’s outdoor restaurant we could take a beak with a quick, cooling dip in the pool. Our first evening we chose to venture outside of the resort for dinner plans. We were extremely pleased to find the La Fiesta resto-bar within walking distance of the resort. The food was perhaps the best we’ve experienced in the Philippines thus far. From traditional Filipino dishes to great European plates we did not leave hungry. Our second day at the resort we were moved from our beach front abode to the upstairs suite in the main building. The upper level suite was massive to say the least, containing enough space and and an extra bed to comfortably house at least four. The suite also had a very spacious balcony overlooking the pool. On top of the features mentioned, the room also came equipped with its own air-conditioning unit. Despite the initial confusion surrounding our reservations with the resort, the staff were extremely helpful and friendly, the resort relaxing, and our rooms comfortable and clean. Cost: The cost for a typical standard room at the resort was slightly beyond our budget but since we found a special deal on Trip Advisor through travel we decided to pull the trigger. Though the expense was on the upper end of our spectrum the accommodations and pleasantness of the staff made it well worth it. Though the resort is beach side don’t expect to find the same beaches you would at other resorts in the Philippines for the price. The beach has a coarse black sand and there water, though clear, is full of reefs that can pose a danger for anyone wanting to take a quick dip. On the positive side, the area is well known for diving sites and snorkeling. Accessibility: The resort was easy for our driver to find from the Port of Dumaguette. It was a nice change of pace from having booked obscure resorts and hotels that required a bit of a run around on the part of our drivers to find their locations. Despite the ease of arriving at our the resort we found out we paid too much after the fact. Initially the driver was asking 1000 pisos. We bargained down to 500, but found out from the staff we shouldn’t have paid anything more than 300 for the 12km ride from the port to the resort. Activities: Since our stay was primarily to relax and finish some work we opted to stay at the resort the one and a half days we were there. Nearby however are great options for diving and snorkeling. Hiking in the nearby mountain range and visiting the historical sites in Dumaguette are also options. Food: The food at the resort’s restaurant was average. Though the menu was limited we were glad to see large vegetable salads on the menu as well as some good snack choices. Breakfast was good and the staff even made a special trip to the market to get fresh fruit for Sarah. Food options outside of the resort are limited due to the resort’s location on the outskirts of Dumaguette. However, the La Fiesta resto-bar across the street from the resort is definitely worth the walk.

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