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Steve Says: La Fiesta Restaurant

While we were staying in Dumaguette/Bacong we decided to leave the resort, venture out, and find a better dining option. The staff at the resort informed us there was a restaurant just across the street. By just across the street, I mean from the road entrance of the resort. There was a good 400 meter walk from the resort to the the road. When we heard the name of the restaurant “La Fiesta” we immediately thought it must be a Mexican or Spanish restaurant. Why not give it a try we thought as we walked in. The restaurant and bar area are in an open air structure made of wood and bamboo that breath the motto “island life.” The staff welcomed us warmly and allowed us to sit anywhere we chose. A quick glance at the menu quickly dispelled any notion we had of the place being either Mexican or Spanish. There were an infinite amount of choices ranging from Filipino to Southeast Asian to Italian to German. I opted for a traditional chicken adobo while Sarah chose a fish curry. Neither dish disappointed. If I could've licked the plate without seeming impolite or brutish I would’ve. It was by far the best adobo I have had the experience of eating during my entire stay in the Philippines. Sarah’s fish curry was spiced perfectly, the fish tender, and the portion more than satisfying. We also had the privilege of meeting the owner Rolf - a german expat who knows a thing or two about cooking. He gave us a brief history of his tenure at La Fiesta and openly bragged about how good his various dishes were. Yes our food that night was great but we thought not everything could be that good. After hearing about various dishes he temped us to come back the next night with promises of the best pasta carbonara this side of Europe. We were ready to take him up on his challenge and returned the next night. Our second night dining at La Fiesta was better than the first. I have to admit, the pasta carbonara was the best I have ever had period. The bread that accompanied the dish was also amazing. We were informed by Rolf that all their bread and pizza dough was made in house. Sarah opted for another fish dish - one that Rolf’s wife invented. Both dishes were to die for. For dessert we shared a chocolate crepe with ice cream. A perfect way to end a wonderful meal. Sarah thought it was better than what we've had in Paris! We couldn’t stop heaping praise on Rolf and the chefs, which happened to be his wife & son. He even treated us to a shot of Jaegermeister while telling us of other dishes we should try if we happened to make our way back to his place. After our time in Sipalay we stayed near Dumaguette before heading back to Cebu and Manila and gave in to temptation and made our way back to La Fiesta for lunch. This time I enjoyed the bacon cheeseburger while Sarah devoured a margherita pizza. Everything was perfect as we knew it would be. The burger was a generous size and served on one of Rolf’s home made buns. The pizza was the best we’ve had in the Philippines. By far this was the best food we had the pleasure of eating while in the country. If you’re in the Dumaguette/Bacong area or just passing through to another destination and have some time kill, visit La Fiesta for an amazing meal.

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