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Dauin's Colonial Church of San Nicolas

We spotted the old Spanish architectural style of this church above the tree line. while walking through Dauin. We were instantly drawn in. As soon as we walked in we were reminded of all the weddings we've shot in cathedrals with similar layouts. The Church of San Nicolas is over 300 years old and was built during the Spanish colonial days. It is also regarded as on of the oldest churches in Negros. A quick search online states the two dome shaped bell towers were also used as watch towers to help warn the town against pirates. When we stopped in the church was undergoing interior renovations. The priest and the construction workers immediately stopped what they were doing to greet us and take us on a quick tour of the church and belfry. Steve made his way to the top of the belfry with the priest and two of the workers to take in the amazing view. I'm sure most tourists in the area are more interested in the scuba diving and typically overlook visiting such an amazing cathedal. We were very honored to not only have the chance to visit the church but also to have a personal tour. We were sure to make a donation before leaving this beautiful place.

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