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Diggin' Dauin Puerto Citas in Negros, Philippines

Our last stop on the island of Negros was the sleepy town of Dauin. We found the prefect beach front budget hotel complete with a full kitchen to stay at thanks to some advice from fellow travelers. Beacause the town is so small we were able to walk it several times a day to go to the market, grab more drinking water, and even getting Steve a shave at the local barber shop (more on that later). Since we had a kitchen we made great use of it. After almost a month on the road Steve missed cooking us meals and I missed his delicious cooking. One of our nights he went into town and purchased a freshly caught tuna and 2kg of squid. It was the freshest squid I've ever had - delicious to the last tentacle!

The flowers here are also amazing. Though they're growing wild on the side of the road they look as if they could be fake or even straight from the florist's shop. Take these beautiful angel trumpets we found on our stroll - they're amazing! Steven informed me that this flower is used to drug unsuspecting tourists via drinks at the bar and rob them while they are out for 12+ hours! That is why we don't accept drinks from strangers and stick mainly to bottled beer, soda and water ;)

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