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Getting a Straight Shave in the Philippines

After two months of growing out the winter beard it was time for a change. Well, I would've let it keep going but the combination of heat, constant food and drink leftovers hiding in the tangled mess, and Sarah refusing to kiss me I knew my furry facial friend had to go. Since I didn't bring scissors to cut back the dense jungle growing on my face I decided I should hit up Ye Olde Barber Shoppe for a old fashioned straight razor shave. Yes, you read that right that right, I got a straight razor shave in the Philippines. All of my shots are up to date so why not throw caution to the wind.

We found a local place in Dauin that only charged 40 pisos for a shave. Less than a dollar for a shave? Yes please. The night before we noticed several tourists getting their haircut at the shop so figured the place was legit enough and safe for the deforestation project on my face. Unlike the shaves you can get stateside, there was no hot wrap before hand or even extra sanitary precautions taken. However, my barber had a steady hand kept to my face, the razor constantly clean, and left my chin as smooth as the proverbial baby's butt. Of course out of reverence to our stylist Scott Yance of Scott Free Salon in Milwaukee we won't be letting any barber touch the hair while on this adventure.

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