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Gear Series: Love It or Leave It: Timex Weekender

For our four month journey we figured we would need some special travel gear to help us along. Loads of research and some very useful advice and reviews from other world travelers helped us along in our search for the perfect traveling gear. We purchased many things, perhaps too many things to bring along. Some of the items we absolutely love. Some, well, we could’ve done without and saved ourselves the extra space in our bags. With this series I’ll highlight some of the gear we decided to lug along with us. Cheers.

The Timex Weekender

You gotta know what time it is. Catching your flight on time, knowing how long you’ve been running for, or even calculating what time it is back home before you mistakenly wake up the folks in the middle of the night when calling all require the knowledge of what time it is. Since we didn’t want to be slaves to our phones and their constant depleted batteries or continually asking other people around what time it was, we decided to bring along inexpensive durable time pieces for our journey. Since I’ve been a fan of Timex watches since a kid and have been sporting a Weekender with a leather band for the past two years I thought we’d bring some along with us. We purchased a new one for Sarah and replaced my leather band with a nylon one and we were set. The watches are a classic design and live up to the old Timex slogan “Takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin.” Both have been through grit and grime, water and wear, and sweat and tears and have come out on top. Even more the bands can be easily changed and come in a multitude of colors for every type of traveling fashionista out there. A perfect time piece for the road that only sets you back between $25-40 USD for a brand new one. With such a reasonable price for a classically styled watch, if it’s stolen or somehow breaks, it’s not the end of the world. And, though stylish, it’s not an ‘over the top’ time piece that can potentially make you a target to opportunistic thieves. Leave the rolex at home people. We look forward to using these not only in our travels but also in our everyday life once we get back home.

Verdict: Love It!

Get this watch HERE.

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