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Sleeper Bus Vietnam

A cheap and easy way to get around Vietnam is by bus. But not just any bus, a sleeper bus. That’s right, a bus with seats made for you to actually sleep in. There is a compartment for you to put your feet and any personal belongings you want to keep safe, while the seat sits somewhat up or lays almost completely flat. I almost had a cluster phobic breakdown when we first boarded the bus, but after a while, it grew on me. Keep in mind, these are made for small Vietnamese people, not tall westerners like ourselves. But it was still pretty comfortable and CLEAN. You have to take your shoes off when entering, but then they give you flip flops to use at the rest stops. Definitely at least try the bus. It’s a great way to see the country side and waaaaay cheaper than private car or air. I would definitely suggest it when traveling Vietnam. Unless you are over 6'2.

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