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Crazy House, Da Lat

Before leaving Da Lat we happened apon an interesting home that was built by the former president's niece. She was an architect who after working years for the state decided to showcase her unique vision for her own home. The house, a functional residence and B&B despite it being a tourist attraction, was started in the early 2000's and is still in the process of being added upon. The name in Vietnamese is "Moon House" but because another historical home shared the same name it fittingly took on the moniker of "Crazy House." The house almost looks like the dreams of a child came to life and designed it without a coherent plan or objective in mind. It was reminicent of my time spent at Disney as a child. But the crazy steps accompanied by handrails too short for us taller Westerners went across every rooftop she designed. You could see the entire city of Da Lat perfectly from the roof top perches. Definitely worth the stop if you are in Da Lat. Haven't seen anything like this before and don't believe we will.

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