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Fishing Village Market - Hoi An, Vietnam

Being photographers who are also traveling at the moment with other photographers, we decided to book a photo excursion to a local fish market through Our guide and instructor for the six non-professional photographers on the the tour was a local wedding photographer Etienne Bossot. He was a great guide and gave us some amazing insight to the people of the market and the traditions and events that occur there on a daily basis. Since he frequents there often with groups of photographers, people generally ignored us and went about their doings which allowed for some stunning images. Our event began with a cup of Vietnamese style coffee and sunrise and we were off as our guide began some basic DSLR instruction with the rest of the group. Soon enough the fishermen returned from the sea and the place was abuzz with currency and fish exchanging hands at the speed of light. The rest is history and forever preserved into our minds and images we took.

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