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Tailors in Hoi An

Overwhelming is an understatement when it comes to finding the perfect tailor in Hoi An. The best thing to do is check out Trip Advisor reviews and then take a quick visit into the shops that catch your eye. We also took the recommendation of our homestay hostess. Make sure to inspect their sample garments for quality stitching and use of quality fabric. Take note however, no one will really give you an exact price unless you are measured first and pick out all of the fabrics you want to use in whatever ensemble you get made. Oche (owned by the popular boutique Yaly) had prices ticketed to each item, which was nice. I ended up buying two items from there. The bulk of our purchases went to Ba-Ri, a family owned tailor shop right inside the ancient city circle. It is one of the only shops that actually do their own tailoring. Most send out their work to other shops or clothing factories. Steven was really impressed with their quality of work on their suits and purchased two wool/cashmere blend suits at only $100 each. I had Ba-Ri tailor re-create a few pieces I found online and pinned to my Pinterest page. I also had a few silk dresses made next door. We will post photos all of our purchases and full experience when we return home. We were so shopped out after this experience, we just boxed it up and shipped it home.

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