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Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok

Beside scaring Sarah senseless with five consecutive days of a migraine, I was concerned myself. I used to suffer migraines as a kid but this was something entirely different. Sarah was convinced I contracted Malaria or Dengue Fever despite not even having a fever. As soon as we touched down in Bangkok and got our hotel accommodations taken care of we headed straight to the hospital. Hospital isn’t really the correct term to describe Bumrungrad. Bumrungrad is a state of the art international hospital that also contains luxurious accommodations for foreign visitors and dining options that range from high-end restaurants to a street food style buffet with international fare. Sarah was most pleased. Finally, green juice! I think she wished we could've stayed there during our short stint in Bangkok. Auto check in, beautiful customer service agents, delightful nurses, very organized and thorough. The doctor also spoke perfect English, took his time explaining everything to us, and assured us they would do everything they could to help with my issue. A simple blood test later confirmed I did not have Malaria or any other odd tropical disease. After being prescribed the correct medication for my migraines I was told to come back if the pain continued in the same manner it did before. The next time I felt the migraine come on the medication worked perfectly and I was ready to explore Bangkok. When it was time to settle up, we were both eager to find out how much this would set our travel budget back. Needless to say when we saw the bill was only $162 USD we were shocked beyond belief. A doctor consult, a full run of blood tests, followed by another doctor visit, and my medications all for $162 USD. With very affordable prices, an international staff, and 5-star accommodations and dining we quickly realized why Bumrungrad was a popular attraction for people all over the globe. I feel much better now and have the correct medication and place to visit should anything else happen.

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