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Falling from Grace - Sick in Asia

Well, this was our least favorite part of the trip. Not just because this nut job of a dog tried to attack me on my way back to the hotel from the Citadel, but because my poor Steven succumbed to illness like never before. What started as a migraine, turned into a throbbing head pain that lasted almost five days and gave him the chills and sweats. After days and days of rest in our Grace Hotel room and trying the local Vietnamese hospital (migraine meds didn't work), I started to get scared that Steven had contracted Malaria. I told him we were going to Bangkok where he could get the proper care. So we cut our Vietnamese stay short. Sadly no visit to Halong Bay or Sapa this time around. But to be frank, I had enough of the damn motor bikes and constantly fearing for my life when crossing the street. (I actually got hit by one when in Hoi An and am still dealing with a battered tail bone. Definitely a humilating experience being thrown to the grown in the middle of a busy street. But there was a doctor walking behind us and so he was able to get me the proper meds and give me a consult to confirm nothing was broken.) But again, I was also tired of constantly haggling over the price of everything despite Steve’s ability to negotiate prices in Vietnamese and the public nose picking and spitting. Seriously, in Hue, a taxi driver at the hospital wanted to charge us five times the amount it cost us to get there from the hotel to get us back to the hotel. Steve was in pain and really pissed. So, we decided to say goodbye to Vietnam. Bangkok, here we come!

Here is another view of that damn dog... see him? He seemed so sweet from a far, but he was just waiting for me. Good thing when he charged me, I stood my ground and yelled "NO" in a deep voice. Ugh! I miss my sweet Mona & Monty.

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