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The Citadel - Hue, Vietnam

We arrived in Hue with Steve feeling a bit under the weather. Because of this I set out on my first solo discovery trip. Since there wasn’t a whole lot to do within the city without booking an excursion of some sort to the country side I decided to roam around the ancient Citadel. Over the river and to the Citadel I went. I definitely have to say I was approached much more often by taxi drivers to get to the Citadel than ever before in Vietnam. The Citadel was only three kilometers from the hotel and I needed exercise and wanted to save a bit of money so I decided to walk. I guess most tourists to the area don’t walk long distances since one guy called me ‘crazy’ when I ignored his taxi solicitations to get me to the Citadel. No big deal though. I’ve learned to not even make eye contact with the taxi or tuk-tuk drivers and they just leave you be without asking if you need a ride. Even a “no” or “no thank you” is an invitation to conversation and a sales pitch. Just ignoring them completely kept me happy and less bothered. Took me a couple hours to buzz around the ancient city. It was extremely big! Definitely a ton of history here and l really enjoyed capturing it. Next stop Hanoi.

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