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DAO - Vegetarian Restaurant in Sihounikville

Having watched a few food documentaries on the road, it's been a goal of mine not to always subject ourselves to the yucky downward spiral of fast food and to scope out the healthy eating scene in each of our stops. DAO is a fabulous vegan/veggie restaurant located in colorful Sihanoukville. While Serendipity Road where DAO is located reminded us a bit of Vegas, this little place stopped us in our tracks. Unbelievably delicious food. Seriously, every single thing we had there was absolutely phenomenal! We even went back when we came back to eat again once we returned from our week on Koh Rong Samloem. REAL raw banana ice cream just like I make at home. Wow! We were in heaven:) Not to mention the owners are an absolute delight, both expats from Britain and Argentina. LOVE THIS PLACE!

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