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Saracen Bay, Koh Rong Salmoen

We were told Saracen Bay was too crowded with tourists to be enjoyable so we initially thought we would skip staying there in favor of other isolated parts of Koh Rong Samloem. Perhaps we arrived at a time with less tourist traffic because when we looked around at the two mile stretch of the white sand beach, gently sloping into the turquoise water of the bay, we didn't see throngs of beach goers polluting the landscape. We made a vow that after our time at Sunset and Sandy Beach we would spend some time at what we would later come to believe was the best beach we'd seen on our travels thus far. We found an affordable resort to spend two nights that catered to everyone from the budget hostel travelers to people wanting private bungalows with electricity (limited hours of course), wifi, and indoor plumbing. Our resort was also centrally located on the beach making exploration of the shoreline a breeze. We spent days lounging seaside in the sun till irate UV rays forced us into the warm, crystal clear water of the bay for some relief. A stroll along the beach to grab a freshly made fruit juice broke the monotony of sunbathing and extreme relaxation at such a paradyllic location. At night the stars lit our way along the beach as we walked to a neighboring resort to enjoy some excellent Cambodian cuisine. With our bellies full and our backs slightly sunburned we'd listen to the crashing waves lull us to sleep with promises of another perfect day to come. Absolute paradise.

Crystal clear water...

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