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Sunset Beach, Koh Rong Salmoen

If the modern world has you down and all you want to do is unplug, unwind, and kick back to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature in all of its glory then head to the island of Koh Rong Samloem and make the short trek over to Sunset Beach. The beach itself is located on the western side of the island within a small bay that boasts of beautiful sunsets and the quiet and privacy of a deserted island. Though there are several resorts on the beach (four I think) they are all extremely basic in their accommodations. With limited electricity during the day and little distractions, catching some sun or finishing the novel you've been reading for the past month is the priority of the day. There are also activities you can access through the resorts such as kayaking, paddle boarding, or snorkeling. If the beach begins to bore you, you can take several hikes through the scenic jungle and hit your exercise quota for the day. A beautiful beach devoid of any distraction is a priceless commodity in the crazy hustle and bustle we experience in our daily lives. It's nice to unplug for a bit and recharge and re-center one's self in the lap of Mother Nature. With no wifi, 3 days was our max. Though after thinking about it a bit, the only thing really missing from Sunset Beach were the Skipper and Gilligan.

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