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Otres, Cambodia

After a little over a week on Koh Rong Somloem we decided to spend a few days at Otres Beach where we'd be able to reconnect with the world, catch up on some work, and book the next stop on our journey. We decided to stay on Otres Beach 1 (there's two Otres Beaches) at Eolia Beach Resort on a recommendation from our friends Carol and Charlie. The actual village of Otres is just a walk inland from Otres Beaches 1 & 2. It's awash with expats who embrace the arts as well as great food. The resorts in the village seemed too many to count. We found a great Italian place by the name of Pappa Pippo's that had the best and most authentic pizza we've had while in SE Asia. It was as if we were eating at a pizza joint in the heart of Milwaukee. The beach itself was just alright in our opinion. Where the beach borders the resorts and restaurants Otres Beach 1, the shoreline is quite crowded and not very idyllic. Walk a few hundred meters southeast to Long Beach which separates Otres Beaches 1 & 2, and the beach becomes far nicer and less crowded. Though we did enjoy our time on Otres and really liked our accommodations at Eolia, we probably would've stayed longer at Saracen Bay.

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