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That's Not Code! Electrical in Asia

Over the course of the past few months in Southeast Asia, we have definitely noticed the difference in electrical work compared to the United States. My Dad is an electrician and has helped us during our house remodeling projects over the years. Many times when encountering shoddy electrical work by previous owners he would say aloud, "That's Not Code," and then go about helping us right the wrongs. I cannot tell you how many times Steven and I have both witnessed things here and said, "That's DEFINITELY not code!" From the absurd amount of electrical wires just tied together with electrical tape to live wires sticking out of a bathroom wall covered with painter's tape it's crazy! The worst of it all is that the voltage here is 220V - twice that of the States and just enough to kill you if you're not careful. So, we decided to document some of these examples in case we die of electrocution and our lawyers need evidence for the lawsuit. So Dad, this one's for you!


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