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Healthy Recipe: Coffee & Eggs

We eat a lot of eggs and drink a lot of coffee, so when a fellow traveler told us we could save a bundle by purchasing a hot pot and cooking our own, we were quick to buy one. Picked up ours at a market in Ho Chi Minh City for about $8. Boiled eggs & instant coffee make a super easy breakfast or snack on the road. Fresh eggs can be found just about anywhere (yes, they are safe and delish;). Instant coffee is a way of life in Asia if you don't want to spend $1+ per small cup. Instant 3-in-1 coffee is plentiful in Asia, so when you find a true BLACK instant coffee, stock up. Go for an "espresso" roast like this one we found in Thailand, much tastier. Bonus: Pick up a bottle of salt and pepper;)

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