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Art in Paradise, Chiang Mai

Throw in a dash of kitschy-ness, a tablespoon of the absurd, and a pinch of air conditioned comfort, mix it all up and you get the Art in Paradise illusion museum in Chiang Mai. The museum is truly a site to see. It specializes in 3D art on a 2D surface as well as other optical illusions. I had my reserves about paying hard earned money to see what I'm sure in the art community is considered low-brow art, but once inside I have to say I enjoyed it. Even the fake escalator (just stairs) to enter the museum was a hoot! Yes the walls ooze with tackiness, but it's fun to see and a blast to get photos taken of yourself "inside" the art. Add in a great air conditioned environment to beat the midday heat of Northern Thailand and you have the perfect way to kill some afternoon hours.

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