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Thingyan Yangon, Myanmar

Little did we know when we planned our arrival in Yangon, Myanmar the New Year (water festival) would still be in full swing. In Myanmar the festival is known as Thingyan and it is just as crazy as Songkran in Thailand. In the large city of Yangon I felt as if it was slightly more insane than that of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Entire streets became gauntlets that open bed trucks would drive down just to get sprayed by numerous fire hoses. The entire downtown was in a perpetual rain storm. Cold rainstorm, as many people chill their water with huge blocks of ice. In the morning before the party began again you could see the aftermath of it all. People passed out and left on the side walk to sleep off their hangover from the terrible Myanmar beer, trash heaps that seemed to just move places over the few days rather than be picked up, and ankle deep puddles of murky water due to sewer drains clogged by said trash piles. Though we did venture out a bit in Yangon, due to all the business closings, extreme traffic, and threat of getting constantly soaked, we weren't able to explore every facet of the city. Check out the videos below. Photos courtesy of our waterproofed iphone.

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