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Longyi Weaving, Mandalay

The traditional dress for both men and women in Myanmar is the longyi (pronounced loon-gee). For men the patterns typically involve some sort of plaid, often in darker colors. For women most anything goes - bright, vibrant colors, interesting patterns and various materials. The longyis are typically made from cotton - an everyday type - and silk - a more formal type. The more expensive the longyi, the better, and often times the ones made in the traditional fashion on a loom. We had the privilege of visiting a longyi factory where the practice of creating them with a loom was still in use. When I lived in India years ago I, along with other students at the boarding school I attended, sported longyis almost on a daily basis (think bathrobe, lounge wear, etc) so I had to get one for myself.

P.S. Doesn't this girl look too young to be working??? Yeah, this becomes more apparant as we make our way through Myanmar. Very upsetting :(

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