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Dogs of a Different Breed in Myanmar

One thing we constantly notice everywhere we go in SE Asia is the ridiculous number of stray dogs. We pet the friendly ones and always try to get a shot of them acting cute the only way dogs can. There seems to be no public program to reduce their numbers through neutering or spaying them. It also doesn't seem to bother many people either. Especially in Myanmar. They are essentially part and parcel of living in the region. Of course when we run into puppies our hearts melt and we end up spending a half hour or so playing with them, naming them, and trying to figure out how we can take them home. Since they are young and haven't experience the cruelty of man, they will come right up to you and say hi. They also seem to be rather intelligent for not having a particular breed noticeable in their appearance. One we met learned the command to sit and shake rather fast. Hopefully customs won't find him in our suitcase on the flight home. Just kidding.

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