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Red Mountain Estate Vineyards & Winery, Myanmar

Wineries and vineyards are not common in SE Asia. We've encountered only a handful that actually grow their grapes for their wine production. When we learned of one just a short bicycle ride away from our hotel from our helpful host, Mr. A, we knew we'd have to make a pilgrimage there. Red Mountain Estate is located on the mountain range to the east of the Inle Valley. The grapes they grow range from your typical Merlot to a unique white wine that bears the namesake of the vineyard. Most vines growing throughout the vineyard were imported from France making this a legitimate endeavor for the region. To get an adequate taste of what Red Mountain has to offer we opted to have a flight of four different wines. The reds we sampled were just so-so. The whites, especially their namesake wine, were actually very good. Of course we're not talking Napa Valley or French wine region good, but palatable nonetheless. The location of the vineyard and their outdoor patio offer a stunning view of the valley and the mountain range to the west. All in all, our visit was a perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon with the one you love.

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