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Traditional Myanmar Cheroot

In Nyaungshwe we had the privilege of staying at the Three Seasons Inn & Spa. The owner, Mr. A - not B, not C, not D as he would say - was truly an amazing host. Not only did he endeavor to make our stay the best he also provided several amenities on the house. Along with coffee, tea, and biscuits he also kept a stock of Myanmar style cheroots for guests to smoke at their leisure. One morning while sitting and drinking tea in the lobby discussing with Mr. A what tours of the lake were best to take, he gave us a lesson on all things cheroot. First he told us how they were made - by hand of course, their ingredients, and lastly how to properly smoke them. First you must tap the cheroot by the filter to pack the tobacco firmly down. Then to remove any dust or dirt you blow into the cheroot from the end you light it. While blowing in you also scratch the tightly rolled newspaper filter to aid in said dust removal. After adequately removing any dust and dirt you dip a quarter inch of the filter in tea to also help in the filtration of the smoke. Then it's time to smoke away. Despite their look they have a rather mellow sweet taste. Even Sarah partook of a few puffs before I extinguished the cheroot at the halfway point. I enjoyed the cheroot so much I even purchased some to bring home to have for scotch and cigar night with the boys. Thanks again Mr. A for being such an excellent host!

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