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Koh Lanta, Thailand

Via ferry we headed southeast from Koh Phi Phi to our next stop - Koh Lanta. We didn't know how long or where we would stay after our first stop or whether or not we would even enjoy the island. Due to the large size of the island we rented a scooter to aid in our exploration. Our stay on the island turned into a five day event. Between the relaxing island life, great healthy eating options (to be featured in future posts), beautiful beaches, and the diving options we were happy with our choice to extend our stay. Located on the southern end of Koh Lanta is Old Town Koh Lanta. Old Town was one of the first cities on the island and still has many of the original teak buildings. It's very picturesque and requires a beautiful drive through the mountains of Koh Lanta to get there. From the dock you can see several of the uninhabited surrounding islands and dream of escaping to one. For a day trip of course. Anyway, though old, Old Town is definitely worth the time to visit while on Koh Lanta.

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