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Street Food: Husband & Wives

Yeah they argue and have those little, weird idiosyncrasies they share but the idea of it all is that two become one. So it is the same with the husbands and wives street snacks that we've grown to love here in SE Asia. I'm not entirely sure what they are but I'll give it a go. From what I can tell a very thin batter that seems to be very heavy on the egg and sometimes contains a broth base rather than a water or milk base, is poured into a large fryer with half moon divots all throughout. As they cook and become "done" two half moons are combined together to create a whole, or if you will the husband and wife analogy and apt name. Sometimes they are also stuffed with certain things. We've had quail eggs, onions, tomatoes, chilies, and even sweet variety made with coconut milk. Whatever they are, for roughly 30-50 cents for 6 of these morsels of delight you can't go wrong.

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