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While in Vietnam I saw them and knew what they were right away. I hadn't had them since I was a teen living in India and I knew I had to get some. They are called lychees (lee-cheese) and they are amazing. Sarah agreed, delicious! I don't think I've ever seen the lychee stateside so these were a definite treat. Since the first encounter we had with them in Vietnam they've always been on our shopping list when we pick up fruit. Sometimes they can be rather expensive and sometimes not. Of course when I found them for 20 baht a kilo (roughly 60 cents) at a small village in Thailand that we visited, I had to have them. Once you break past the the tough skin you find the juicy awesomeness within. They have a taste and texture that I can only describe as a tropical grape. Unlike grapes though, you don't eat the skin and you definitely have to mind the seed inside. It's rather large and most likely contains teeth shattering abilities (though I can't verify the latter). Definitely a treat worth trying if you come across them.

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