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Homecoming After 4 Months in SE Asia

After a long journey home, there's nothing better than someone waiting for you to arrive. The anticipation builds up even more when you know someone is excited to see you. I'll never forget my Mom's face when I saw her at our baggage claim on arrival to Milwaukee. She just lit up and ran as fast as she could to greet us from the escalator. It was the sweetest! She and Earl thought of everything, bringing down our car from storage & packing a cooler full of our favorite beer. We were so, so thankful! Another heartfelt moment was when we pulled up to our long lost home and were surprised with handmade signs, balloons and American flags that my cousin Wendy had decorated our house with. It was such a thoughtful homecoming and we both feel lucky to be so loved! Special thanks to Mom and Wendy for making our homecoming one to remember forever.

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