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Our Anniversary in Chiang Mai

Every birthday or anniversary is like xmas morning for us. As soon as we wake up we just know there is a little special something for us to celebrate the occasion. Steve and I love cards, so I knew our anniversary in Chiang Mai would be no different. Both of us found time to sneak away and pick out the perfect card. Steven modified his a bit, as he usually does:) He also gave me the most HILARIOUS lady bird book. It was great. On the card I gave Steven I took a stab at drawing our surprise gift. Can you tell what it is??? Well, you will soon enough :)

We had a delightful brunch at Rustic & Blue (one of the best eggs benedict we have ever tasted!).

Later that night the culinary adventure continued at David's Kitchen. A luxury restaurant offering french fusion cuisine to delight any palette. We were not only blown away by each dish that was served, but by the service itself. It was impeccable! David himself is a wonderful host and so very thoughtful. He not only had name cards on each reserved table for guests (also a special note to celebrate our 13th anniversary) he even sent us the sweetest thank you. Our hearts swelled! We will definitely make this a stop every time we are in Chiang Mai from now on. Yes, we will defnitely be back!

Spending our special day in a place that is so special to us was something we both will cherish for years to come.

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