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Pride of Canada Carousel

It's so rare that we are invited to a wedding as guests. It's rarer that we don't already have a wedding to photograph. But the most rare of all is when your friends live in the same town in Canada where the wedding we were invited to is to take place. Not only did we get to visit our special friends, the Sylvesters (view their family photos HERE), we also saw the fabulous art piece known as the Pride of Canada Carousel. Our friend Paul, being the fantastic host that he is, knew we would get a kick out of such a unique piece of art. It's free to gawk at and only costs a minimal fee for a spin on the one of a kind installation. Though the creativity of the Pride of Canada seems endless, not too many people know about it yet. We were very lucky to capture it before swarms of people learn of it and spoil its obscurity. A must stop whenever in the area:) Thanks again Tuba Paul for being the BEST tour guide!



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