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Zooming into Chiang Mai

Right around our third month of being on the road and constantly moving from one place to another every few days, Steven and I were ready to take a week and just breathe. We wanted to find a nice peaceful place with a great apartment where we could plant some mini roots and get back to feeling "normal". We decided to set up shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Located in the north of Thailand, Chiang Mai's beauty and lively culture have been calling westerner's there to resettle for years. After conducting some research and speaking with fellow travelers, we decided to spend our week in the hip and trendy area of town called the Nimman district. Because we wanted a place with a little more modernity and creature comforts we decided to rent an apartment. We couldn't have been happier with our choice. Our place had a complete kitchen, gym and pool to use, and an amazing view of the mountains from the balcony and living room. We were in the heart of Nimman. Great restaurants, beer gardens, and hipster-esque coffee shops were all within walking distance. We also happened to be only 200 meters from the Maya Mall. We were able to satisfy Steve's yearning to see the new Batman V Superman movie in a comfortable, air conditioned movie theater. At the lowest level of the mall was a great grocery store, Rimping's, that reminded us of the Sendik's chain we love back in Milwaukee. We were in heaven to say the least! Little did we know, this would be a city we could actually see ourselves living in. There is so much to do and see in this wonderful city. (No, this was not a bike we rode on, just admired the custom chop job on it:)

Our apartment in Chiang Mai was amazing!!! Rent it on HERE.

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