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Basil Thai Cooking School, Chiang Mai

Sarah and I love Thai food. Not just here in Thailand mind you. Every so often we visit one of our favorite Thai restaurants in Milwaukee. I've tried in vain several times over the years to replicate some of the curries we've encountered. Of course my efforts never panned out. When we arrived in Chiang Mai we made a promise to ourselves that we would take a Thai cooking class. After extensive research we decided on the Basil Thai Cooking School based on the price, the options of dishes they teach you to cook, and the fact that all the dishes were healthier options. At the dawn of our marriage Sarah and I made a blood oath that I would handle the cooking and she would handle the dishes. We carried this agreement a bit further for cooking class. I would learn how to cook the dishes and she would document my time there and enjoy the aftermath. From Pad Thai, to Papaya Salad, to Green Curry we covered all bases. Home made coconut milk - check. Thai sticky rice - check. Curry paste from scratch - check. We even had a quick trip to the market to learn about specific ingredients. Not sure if I'll be able to find galangal, kefir limes and leaves, and shrimp paste in the US to make my own curry but at least I know how. We cooked and ate all morning and had a wonderful time doing so. We can't wait to come home and try out our new skills.

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