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Kunda Cafe, Koh Lanta

We love trying different restaurants where ever we go. However, we don't always find places that offer the healthiest of choices. Prior to arriving on Koh Lanta, Sarah did a bit of research and found a restaurant that looked like it could have some promise on healthier fare. What we discovered was Kunda, an amazing vegetarian restaurant that completely transcended our concept of what a vegetarian restaurant is. Kunda is part spiritual retreat, part art bar, and all delicious. What the menu lacks in variety it makes up in quality and taste. All dishes are made with the best ingredients possible. The owner's philosophy to cook you what she's planning on eating that day is perfect. You can taste the love and hard work that goes into the food and smoothies that she prepares. We actually booked our hotel across the street! It's THAT good. As many SE Asia travelers know the saying 'Same, Same. But Different.' Kunda showcases a new take on the phrase, 'Different, Different. Not Same.' - Fits the place perfectly.

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