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Monkey Beach, Koh Phi Phi

What do you call a beach full of primates? Monkey Beach of course. Though the name is not very inventive, as it suggests, the beach is full of monkeys. On the island of Koh Phi Phi, Monkey Beach is a secluded island blocked on three sides by steep cliffs and the sea on the fourth. Human visitors can only access it by boat whereas our primitive ancestors easily navigate there via the rocky cliffs. Why they chose to make the beach their home I have no idea. I'm guessing all the way down the evolutionary line we've always loved beaches. Or perhaps they learned you can get a free meal from the Homo sapien visitors despite the sign that clearly says in unambiguous terms not to feed them. The monkeys are definitely not shy. They'll come right up to you and even tug on your leg begging for food. This of course is on their terms. If you get too close trying to pick one up to hug its cute little monkey face they'll run away. Though I had my share of monkeys while living in India, it was fun to get up close to them without them getting violent or territorial. We even had the chance to see some very young (perhaps they were newborns) monkeys with their mothers.

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