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Hair Extensions Senpom Salon, Bangkok

I knew that I wanted my hair to be easy and comfortable during our 4 month journey throughout SE Asia, so I grew my hair into a pony tail before we left the states. Since I've enjoyed the change of having longer locks, I decided to commit to the continued growth. With that, my hair is super fine and needs the extra body when it's grown past my shoulders, so I've always beefed it up with extensions whenever I go longer. To avoid the stringy mess it had started to become, I knew I would get extensions before I left SE Asia. After much research and planning, I found the perfect salon in Bangkok, Senpom Salon. Not only were they very experienced with Western hair, they were ranked TOP in hair extensions. After consulting with Pekky, the stunning owner and award winning color expert, I knew that she would do an amazing job. That she did! Not only was the hair quality superb, she is an absolutely phenomenal colorist. I watched as she and her team worked on the extensions while I was there and it's such at artful process. Since I have a more natural, ombre blonde do, she really customized my extensions to reflect that to flow seamlessly with my own locks. These micro clips are a bit more comfortable than the combs clips because the weight of the hair tugging on your hair is dispersed much more. I can see why most celebs get these. I kept the super long length for some fun before I got home and have my trusted stylist Scott from Scottfree Salon back in Wisconsin coif them to my desired length. I cannot recommend Pekky enough to anyone looking to get hair extensions in Bangkok or anywhere for that matter! Some of her clients fly into Bangkok from other countries just to get their hair done by Pekky. Now I can see why.

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