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Khaosan Road, Bangkok

If you're on the backpacking circuit or even a serial traveler chances are you've heard about Khaosan Road if you've been to Bangkok. Located in central Bangkok, Khaosan Road is a kilometer long side street packed full of budget hotels and hostels, bars and clubs at every turn of the head, vendors selling all sorts of wares that spill over the sidewalk and into the streets when the sun goes down. At dark the road closes to traffic and becomes one large party. It really can be called the heart of the backpacking universe by the look of all the fore lorn travelers and truth seekers. There also seems to be an "anything goes" type of attitude. You're accosted by every sort of salesperson trying to get you to buy everything from a suit at one in the morning to drugs right in front of a police cruiser. In the morning after the proverbial smoke has cleared, the street looks as if it deserted save for the few drunks stumbling back to their dormitory after a raucous night in Bangkok. Though we did not stay on Khaosan, our hotel that we've frequented the past three stays in Bangkok is about a kilometer away. On top of that one of the best vegan/vegetarian restaurants, May Kaidee's, is located on an alley just around the corner. So, we head over to the street now and again mainly to people watch but also to purchase cheap goods we need (new flip flops) and various souvenir/gift items. Though you can get a tattoo at one of the dozens of tattoo parlors on the street, Sarah opted for the henna hand printing. It's cheaper and doesn't require a life long commitment either. Me, well, henna is rather messy for me and I can't decide on a tattoo so I passed up on that opportunity. Of all the different walking streets that become a party at night Khaosan Road is a nice choice to ease your way into the Bangkok night culture. Yeah you can go to the red light district and hit up the famous "Cowboy Soi" and have your fill of propositions from the ladyboys, but Khaosan is really the best.

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